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Using the Power of the Sun to Preach the Gospel of the SON

from the June 26, 2012 edition of the Bryan County News

(I know they are a little small to read. Click each one and they will get larger)

A dream of mine came true. So far as I know we are the first Church of Christ to do this. I hope we will not be the last. Church buildings are perfect for solar power. The sun beats down on our roofs all week long. It could be producing electricity freeing up vital resources for the Work of God. And it is a passion of mine to make sure the Earth is protected for future generations.

I also believe it makes a statement. It says we are planning to be here for a long time.It was my dream but others chose to share my dream and made it a reality. I was very surprised how many people chose to share the dream. Our men and ladies came down to the building on a Saturday and helped install the panels and inverter. A few anonymous donors stood behind the dream and said, "Yes, we plan to be here for many years to come."

Thanks should also be given to Mr. Julian Smith of My Solar Smith of Savannah. He is mentioned in the newspaper article above but not nearly enough. I became acquainted with Julian several years ago as his wife and I were connected to a local Animal Rescue organization. Speaking with Julian about his work revived my passion for Solar Power. I found that his business was just an extension of his passion as well. He will be glad to speak with anyone anywhere about the value of Solar Power. I can't express my gratitude enough for his advice and guidance. If you are considering installing Solar Power or if the notion now intrigues you, he is the man to guide you. His website is